Are Instant Win Sweepstakes And Contests Really Instant?

Are Instant Win Sweepstakes And Contests Really Instant

In an age where instant games and online games are overwhelming the internet, it is hard to find sweepstakes and contests that actually are instant. There are of course instant games where you could enter daily, weekly and monthly contests but is that really all they are?

Many would argue that they are not instant unless they are entered by the home team. There is a sense of excitement in being able to click a button and enter a sweepstakes contest for reasons other than just for the chance to win. However, sports fans are not the only group that enjoyment of these sweepstakes can reach. People from all walks of life enjoy going into their local convenience store and searching for sweepstakes of all types, especially those that could win them big money.

Myth #1: The Home Team Is Always Going to Win

This is one of the most upsetting myths you will often hear, that is, that the home team always wins. When you think about it, this really is a fallacy. Sure, the teams that are home will win for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean they are going to win all the time. Even if it was a great running back, like The Colts, who are the defending Super Bowl Champions, they still might not be able to cover the spread.

Myth #2: Winning Percentage Is More Reliable Than Payout Percentage

This is probably one of the more entertaining myths. Many people will tell you that a winning percentage of 60% will make you money, on average. Sure, you can win 60% of your bets and still lose money, but if you win more than that then you are going to profit.

There is also, thankfully, a opposite myth that you can win 75% of your bets and still lose money. That is not true, you need both bet size and payout percentage. Being able to hit 60% is a great way to make a profit, but not every game or even every year. You need to be a little more careful and a little more systematic when you are picking the teams you want to bet on.

Myth #3: It’s Not Worth Winning That Much Money

This is a favourite of the EuroMillions Lottery players in particular because it is so close to the£1 million Lottery. Except in this instance the odds are 9,222,372 to 1. In other words it is 9.22 million to1 odds against you winning the Jackpot. Because the odds are so high and you are such a common player it is a great place to bet because pretty much anyone else is going to win something.

Not only that but if you need to fill out an x-amount of rows and choose at least 3 odd and even numbers per row, you need to fill out a card around 18 times per week. That way you are likely to be in the running to win the top prize on a regular basis.

Myth #4: The Lottery Jackpot Always Wins

First of all if you paid £1,000,000 for a single week of Vegas88, would you even want the £1,000,000 Jackpot? Of course you wouldn’t, so if your numbers actually won, you probably wouldn’t even notice the win because it won so low. This also doesn’t take into account the fact that winning lotteries are chosen at random, so there is a massive chance of not even winning with the same numbers for quite some time.

The bottom line is that you really need to be extremely lucky to even win a prize in the National Lottery and that lucky streak doesn’t just happen. You need to be in the running to get the prize and even if you do win, it won’t change anything on the inside. This is the reality for most people – even if they have won multiple times in the past, they don’t necessarily want the same thing again.

There is no avoiding the fact that winning the jackpot is extremely unlikely for most people, but it’s not impossible. Everyone has a one in abundant million chance of winning the jackpot, but you can improve your chances on a daily basis.