Free Lottery System – Win Real Money Without Spending Money

Free Lottery System - Win Real Money Without Spending Money

Everybody wants to win the lottery. We are all guilty of praying to the highest heavens hoping that the next draw will give us the lottery win we’ve been dreaming of. Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a system that could Guarantee you will win, you will be so happy. Well That’s What I’m talking about. I have developed a Free Lottery System that will explain how to win any Lottery without spending a penny.

This System Involves a set of 4 rules.

You can easily apply these rules to any Lottery you like, but here is how to apply them to the UK Lotto.

First Rule – Do not buy the hype

There are all sorts of promises about Togel88 Systems on the internet telling you how you can win driving up to 1 in 14 million chance of winning the jackpot. That’s all well and good but if those figures are really true then wouldn’t it be better if you invested in the Lottery to make some extra cash rather than chasing after your losses.

Greg Pease developed a formula for making a steady income from the UK Lotto. He spent years studying previous draws and coming up with the best possible formula to work out which numbers were most likely to be drawn again. The latest version of his Lottery System involves trying out the numbers that have not come up in the last 10 drawings.

Using this formula you can pick out the numbers that have not appear in the last 10 drawings. Now you hold those numbers in your thinking and you will come up with winning numbers again that you try to project into the future.

It really is as simple as that, don’t buy the hype and spend your hard earned money on playing lotteries, instead save those hard earned dollars and play the lottery systems.

Second Rule – Lottery Strategy

You need to learn how to select your numbers. Do not let the machine choose your numbers. select your own numbers. You can either use the old technique of drawing random numbers or use a number wheeling system which you will have read about online. looking into getting a software to do the number select might be worth while as you can save time and effort and also be able to test and perfect the system yourself before you buy it.

There are number wheels that have been proven to be effective and the best one available is the “Weeless Number Wheel”

This Lottery Strategy works best by using the previous draws number and then picking out 1 less number to bet on. Any time you fail to bet on the correct number you add a point to the wheel, so if you are not betting on the correct number you could always add a number.

Finally, this Lottery Strategy works by betting on a mid range number, not the number that is the key to the strategy. The reason for this is because a number that has not appeared in the last 10 draws is more likely to appear in the next draw than a number that has been drawn a lot in the past.

I have used this Lottery Strategy to win the UK lotto numerous times and I would recommend that you use it too if you want to increase your wining chances.

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