A Good Bonus Strategy At Online Casinos

Online casinos provide land based casino games with some polished software. The downside is that not all casinos can be trusted. Therefore, one needs to know the strategies to make a good bonus strategy. In the article, the strategies will be discussed for two popular games – blackjack and video poker.


The most popular game in online casinos would probably be blackjack. Blackjack is also known as “Twenty-one” or “Twenty-one.” The players and the dealer receive two cards. The player has the option to get a hit, stand, split or double down. After the player decides, the dealer draws another card for the player and himself. Depending on the card drawn, the player has to decide whether to hit or stand. If the cardMajor payout is greater than the card Minor payout, the player should stay on table to get a chance of a full house. On the other hand, if the card is lesser, one should withdraw from the game.

This game is conquered easily. As already said, the rules are simple. One can easily learn all the skills by which one can conquer the game. depo 20 bonus 15 Blackjack which is a game of the intellect cannot be conquered by simple techniques.

Video Poker

The other game which can be easily played using a strategy is that of video poker. The principle of the game is to get a five card poker hand. After which, the player must draw a card as final concealed purchasing. The game is really simple. If the player can develop a five card poker hand combination, the deal is open for decision and the player can therefore do whatever he wishes.

The strategy which is usually used by seasoned players in video poker is called the Half-Data technique. With this technique, the player must discard three cards in hand and must draw a card in hand believing that the discarded cards will develop the hands into a greater form. The principle of this technique is that of probability. The probability of a thrown out card to be drawn is 25%. Therefore, around 74% of the time a discarded card will not change the hand.

If the principle of probability is applied correctly, there will be aHalf-Data effect for the video poker player around 6 to 7 percent of the time. It means that the useful strategy can lead the player to a victory around 70% of the time. Advantage to the casino – everyone loses at video poker!

Now the card counting strategy can be easily applied to blackjack. Yes, the principle of probability really applies to blackjack. The chance of taking down the jackpot at blackjack is 100%. However, there are certain circumstances which limit the probability of winning. These particular circumstances include the dealer maximizing his profit, players delivering a debit credit to the bank account and casinos accepting a high card loyalty scheme.

Casinos take a small amount of the bankroll away from a player and measure the dispersion against this. It is a bit like the stock market. Some times it goes up, other times it goes down. Casinos want customers to notice the fluctuations and allow only a mix of rising and falling to build the impression that the casino is not trustworthy.

They also take measures to keep their customers playing. Most casinos offer complimentary extras and services to their regular patrons. Card counting strategies can be an advantage to the player who can count the cards in the long run and can bet big when favorable conditions are present.

It should always be remembered that card counting strategies are not 100% accurate. Therefore, no strategy can guarantee a win. It is impossible.