Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Harman is among the very few women professional poker players in the United States. Jennifer was born on November 29, 1964 in Reno in Nevada. She started playing the game on the knees of her father at the tender age of eight.

Jennifer went to University of Nevada to study biology after completing high school. She also worked part-time as a waitress. deposit 20 bonus 30 This helped her learn few nuances of the poker game. After completing her degree, Jennifer found herself drifting into poker rather than a regular job. Soon she quit her job to play poker full-time, much against her father’s wishes.

Although shetook a year off to do some business, she soon went broke and returned to the poker table to earn back her losses and make good gains too. Jennifer was a strict poker player only allowing herself to gamble with the minimum. This required tons of stomach cramps and meditation sessions. She carefully remembers each move she made at the table.

Players don’t know how to play Jennifer Harman’s game. She is an aggressive player who dominates the table. Apart from being a champion at the table, she is also knows how to manage the game. Jennifer is married to stylist Marco Traniello. Her husband also plays poker and is an expert as well.

Jennifer Harman

It’s an addiction poker players only dream of. Jennifer’s husband also plays and the couple is often seen as Hollywood celebrities in quite some of the poker tournaments. She has been in some of the television programs Scintillating Housewives of Las Vegas and Easy Money.

This starlet was born at Choctaw Indian Reservation in Oklahoma. She was introduced to the game of poker when she was only twelve years old. deposit 20 bonus 30 She was homeschooled in the state of Oklahoma, and used to teach family and friends just by word of mouth. She is active in the Oklahoma town of Clarington and is a member of the Akimel Opress, an organization that provides job skills and job sharing for Native Americans.

Before starting to play poker, she took three years of graduate school in the economics at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has been married to Marco Traniello since February 8, 2004. They have a daughter and live in wealthier streets in San Antonio.

Jennifer Harman became the youngest women to qualify for the Final Table (1600) at the World Poker Tour within the WPT itself. She made history by becoming the first woman ever to remain in that event, alone, through the whole event. She won nearly $200,000 in the Main Event of the WPT.

Now many women players are hitting the big time. See these women in action and join the poker revolution.

Donnacommunist, Jennifer Harman, is the daughter of veteran actor Bobcker Rice and worked as a talent agent and assistant coach in her father’s acting company, instability home for hire. Because of her father’s association she was asked to join the O standby Follow the Money fund raiser in 1989. She has aRadcliffe scholarship from the University of Massachusetts, a master’s degree in marketing from the University of California and a vintage of the Columbia University graduating class.

The collective rake of $19.7 million between the 1993 and 2003 champions in the Main Event of the WPT. During that time, the championship was held at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, and the last to be held in a Nexgenio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, both in 2003. Jennifer Harman is the current leader in the installments of the tournament, having won the largest pot ever televised in television.

The accomplishment of this streak is all the more amazing because she had never won a big poker tournament until the WSOP bracelet. She has applied to the University of Pennsylvania to study computer science and hopes to major in computer science when she finishes her degree.

Jennifer Harman’s career in poker has spanned three decades. She has been at it since the early 1980s, first as a backgammon professional, later as a professional away from home, and finally as the owner of a poker training company. She is married to TommorIAutomo, a professional Japanese game player.